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Filippo Bruno di Tornaforte was born in Italy, the family is a little unusual,

while on the other it is very traditional. The father, Arch. Diego Maria di Tornaforte, was the offspring of an ancient and aristocratic Piedmontese family that built its fortune in the seventeenth century with the

production of silk that supplied the Royal House of Savoy. From a very young age he has manifested an extraordinary love for all forms of artistic expression. While living in Venice, Filippo meets artist Bruno Tosi and joins the Maria Callas Association, where he

designed the setting of the exhibition dedicated to the Divina.

After three years at the Architectural Institute of Venice spent his last year of school in Los Angeles, Filippo also attends courses at the Hollywood Film Institute. Filippo's love of fashion leads him to join the fashion world as designer. His activities as a young consultant continue with brands such as Cerruti. He then accepts Stefano Dominella's invitation to present his line at AltaRoma 2002 in the section dedicated to young talents, which will

be repeated three more times. He continues in his role of designer consultant for a number of brands

including Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent.

In 2011 he moves to New York where he begins working as interior design consultant for some important private estates.  In September 2014, Filippo becomes involved with the launch of the new international luxury brand, LUVÉ, working as Art Director in Paris and Zurich.

The debut of the new luxury Maison was held in Venice during the Film Festival, with a big event in collaboration with Vanity Fair, and presented by Ursula Andress. From 2016 he based his consultant activity as Interior and Fashion Designer in Milan working for Lagerfeld and The Royal House of Savoy as major clients. 

In  2020 Tornaforte launch his own Interior Design Studio in Monaco.